• DWI & ADETs Assessment & Treatment

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    North Carolina ADETS programs are designed to help people make the right life choices when facing the use of drugs or abuse of alcohol. The ultimate goal of ADETS is to prevent and reduce the number of accidents, injuries, deaths, and crimes caused by people who use alcohol and drugs.

    The program is made for people who don’t have an identified substance use disorder but may be at risk of these disorders. ADETS classes are not and cannot be offered by just any company. The program is built around the need for a certified counselor, and classes must be conducted by trained therapists.

    For individuals who have lost or seen their driver’s license suspended due to a DWI in North Carolina or drug-related charges, ADETS classes are crucial to regaining their driving privileges. The DMV requires a certificate of completion from the ADETS service provider showing the completed DWI assessment and program.